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Study by the Book of the Bible

Pick any book of the Bible and study it as an individual course.  Recommended for those wanting to understand a particular book of the Bible.   Great for Sunday school lesson or home Bible study group preparation.

Line Upon Line Bible Study System

Different from our Subscription Plan in that we choose the order of the courses for you.  Begins with the books that are doctrinally easier and gradually builds up to the more difficult material.   Recommended for homeschoolers and those wanting a methodical plan for studying through all of the Bible.

Subscription Plan - Study them ALL!

Our monthly subscription package allows you to access all of our courses and study through them at your own pace.  Study what you want, when you want for only a small monthly fee.

In Development!!

Some of these features are in the process of development - please bear with us as we bring our courses online!

What our learners say about us

Thank you for creating these Bible studies. I am very much enjoying the strongly Bible-based learning.
I want to praise the Lord for the great blessing this course is to me.  It's especially helpful to a new Christian like myself.  Thank the Lord for giving you the wisdom and strength to complete such a tool.
J Seguin
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Frequently asked questions

What angle are you coming from?

Jeff Williams has been an independent Baptist missionary pastor and church planter in New Zealand for 30+ years.  His ministry has focused on teaching people what the Bible actually says and challenging them to obey it and apply it to their own lives.   Our materials are King James Bible based, moderately dispensational and non-Calvinistic.  We believe the best interpreter of Scripture is the Bible itself and that with a humble heart and the Holy Spirit's help, any believer can understand God's word.

What can you offer that I cannot get at other online schools?

Rather than telling you what we think the Bible means, our goal is to help you to see what it actually says.  You will not be bamboozled with Greek and Hebrew words, but challenged to compare scripture with scripture.  Proper context and rightly dividing Scripture will always be noted as the key to arriving at a proper understanding of any verse.  Every course comes with simple quizzes and exams that will challenge you to remember what you have learned.   We offer a complete package over every book of the Bible that has been proven on the mission field for three decades - a course that has borne the fruit of souls saved, believers strengthened and churches planted.

How can I choose my courses?

We offer a number of different learning paths and you are invited to read and choose the one that better meets your needs. Our most popular option is the monthly Line Upon Line subscription package which allows you access to all of our Bible courses at your own pace. However if you need any advice or clarifications, feel free to contact us.

Can this course be used in homeschooling?

Our Line Upon Line Bible study system in hardback form has been used by hundreds of families and several Christian schools as a high school level Bible curriculum.    These courses have also been used at the Bible institute level for individual book of the Bible studies.  In this online format, all of the quizzes and tests are self-graded and monitoring the self-study progress of a your student is a breeze.
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